Get Involved

The best way to get involved in Vision Zero is to share our initiative with your friends and neighbors. Learn about the current traffic safety landscape in Philadelphia by reading our latest Annual Report and find information specific to your community using our Traffic Safety Fact Sheets.

We have many other resources, programs, and events you can get involved in. Please email with any questions and find out the latest about how you can get involved!

A group of six Vision Zero Ambassadors posing for a photo

Vision Zero Ambassadors

Apply now for the 2024 Vision Zero Ambassador Cohort!

The Vision Zero Ambassador Program helps motivated community members share traffic safety information with their friends and neighbors. The Annual program recruits, trains, and supplies ambassadors with materials. Then they attend meetings and events over the summer, answering questions and sharing what they have learned.

Safe Routes Philadelphia

Safe Routes Philly (SRP) is Philadelphia’s youth bicycle and pedestrian safety education program. SRP works on a “train the trainers” model by sharing educational resources and hosting events with parents, caregivers, and educators. This helps reach kids where they are most comfortable, in their classrooms, communities, and at home. To learn more about the program and start teaching youth transportation safety please visit our website.

Learn more about Safe Routes Philly on the program’s website!

Neighborhood Slow Zone Program

Speeding on residential streets is a common concern of communities across Philadelphia. Traffic calming solutions like speed cushions and reduced speed limits can make streets safer for all residents particularly youth and elderly. The Neighborhood Slow Zone Program invited neighbors to apply for traffic calming in an entire zone of residential streets.