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Vision Zero is dedicated to eliminating traffic deaths on Philadelphia streets.

Vision Zero Philadelphia is a collaborative effort lead by the City of Philadelphia to improve traffic safety on city streets. Member organizations with a variety of backgrounds and expertise, work together toward our goal of zero traffic deaths. Our work empowers communities, designs and builds safe streets, promotes safe and healthy modes of transportation, and enacts policies across all sectors and levels of government.

Latest Vision Zero Updates:

Traffic Safety in Philadelphia Today

A serious injury has a lasting effect on a family, a death has a lasting effect on a community. Traffic violence is felt unequally by under-served communities in Philadelphia, with fatal or serious injury crashes three times more likely to occur in areas of the city where most residents are on low incomes.

Learn more about the current state of traffic safety in Philadelphia, and what we are doing to improve it, in our most recent annual report:

Vision Zero Annual Report 2023

The Vision Zero Annual Report includes the most recent traffic safety data and analysis as well as summaries of recently completed Vision Zero related work. In 2020 at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic Philadelphia saw a dramatic increase in the number of fatal crashes and has yet to return to pre-2020 levels.

80% of traffic deaths and serious injuries
occurred on just
12% of Philadelphia streets.

We call these dangerous streets the High Injury Network and we use this map to guide projects and investment where it can make the greatest impact. View the map and learn more about the network and how we use it in our Capital and Action plans:

High Injury Network

Action Plan 2025

Capital Plan 2025

Get Involved

No matter how you get around Philadelphia, you can help improve traffic safety by participating in our programs and projects and sharing Vision Zero with your community. Travel is a fact of life, but it doesn’t need to be dangerous and expensive.

Everyone deserves to get where they are going safely.

Learn more about our programs through our Get Involved page and find out out recent projects and opportunities through our News page. Make sure to sign up for the Vision Zero newsletter to stay up to date.

Get Involved

Help us make Philadelphia streets safer by talking to your friends and family about traffic safety in Philadelphia today and what we are doing to improve it. Check the latest Vision Zero news for the latest on programs, projects, and opportunities to get involved. See our Resources page for digital and print material to share.

Share Vision Zero With Your Community

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Vision Zero Pledge

I pledge to recognize that crashes are avoidable and my choices matter to the lives of others.​

I pledge to slow down, focus on driving, and put my phone away while behind the wheel.​

I pledge to use safer transportation options, such as walking, biking or taking transit, whenever possible.​

I pledge to bike predictably and stop at signals.​

I pledge to spread the word about Vision Zero in my neighborhood.​