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    What are Neighborhood Slow Zones? 


    The Neighborhood Slow Zone Program invites neighbors to apply for traffic calming in an entire zone of residential streets. The City will work hand-in-hand with successful applicants to bring traffic calming to an entire “Slow Zone.” Within selected Slow Zones, the Neighborhood Slow Zone Program will:


    • Work with the neighbors to develop a plan for traffic calming that responds to critical safety issues
    • Lower speed limits to 20MPH
    • Install traffic calming (speed cushions and more)
    A new Slow Zones application round will be announced in Spring 2021. Past applicants that are interested in renewing their process will be contacted and provided with an easy way to resubmit their existing application.

    In 2019 the City received Slow Zone applications from 40 neighborhoods across Philadelphia. Two slow zones were chosen from applicants in that inaugural year of the program -- the Fairhill neighborhood Slow Zone and the Willard Elementary School Slow Zone. 


    An additional Slow Zone is also currently being designed surrounding Cramp Elementary  School with neighborhood residents using grant funding secured by the Streets Department.


    Help inform our work


    Report transportation hazards and dangerous traffic behaviors in Your community. Tell us where you feel safe and unsafe while walking, biking, and driving on Philadelphia streets!



    Did you know?


    Each state establishes its own criteria for what makes a crash “reportable.” In Pennsylvania, a crash is reportable if it involves a motor vehicle and:

        (a) a motor vehicle is towed from the scene
        (b) someone is transported to the hospital in an ambulance or
        (c) a fatality occurs (PA Vehicle Code Title 75 Section 3746 (a)).


    Involved in a crash? Call 911. 


    WE PLEDGE...

    As the Vision Zero Task Force, to incorporate the Vision Zero Action Plan goals, principles, and values into everything our departments, agencies, and organizations do. We commit to zero fatalities by 2030.

    YOUR TURN! I pledge... 


    I pledge to recognize that crashes are avoidable and my choices matter to the lives of others.


    I pledge to slow down, focus on driving, and put my phone away while behind the wheel.


    I pledge to use safer transportation options, such as walking, biking or taking transit, whenever possible.


    I pledge to bike predictably and stop at signals.


    I pledge to spread the word about Vision Zero in my neighborhood.