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    South Broad Street Modified Urban Intersections (Credit: Urban Engineers)

    Capital Plan 2025

    High Injury Network Capital Improvements


    To accelerate Philadelphia’s progress towards Vision Zero, the City has identified 10 priority corridors and 10 priority intersections for safety improvements. For each location, this Capital Plan provides a crash analysis, a list of potential engineering solutions, and a high level cost estimate to build the improvements.  


    These corridors and intersections have been selected because they are some of the most dangerous places on the High Injury Network and because projects here would meet other CIty goals including equity, transit, or bike network priority, economic development, and youth safety.


    Over the next five years, the City will endeavor to fund, design, and build safety improvements at these priority locations. 


    The locations identified in this capital plan are some of the most dangerous in the city for traffic crashes. 
    When compared to citywide averages for major arterial streets, these corridors are 4.5 times more likely to have a fatal or serious injury crash and the intersections are 8.3 times more likely to have a fatal or serious injury crash. 

    (Data Source: PennDOT 2014-2018)

    HIN Capital Improvements